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July 27 | Intro to Hand-Stitched Appliqué

July 27 | Intro to Hand-Stitched Appliqué

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Join us at Shop Slow with Sloane Lenz & learn the basics of Appliqué!

When: July 27th | 3-6pm

Get ready to join the upcycling revolution with our Hand-Stitched Appliqué Workshop! Join Sloane Lenz as she guides you through the art of traditional hand-stitching techniques, teaching you how to apply appliqué to clothing, accessories, and more. In this intimate, hands-on class, you'll learn the basics of hand-stitching and master the skills to create intricate designs and patterns.

**What to Bring:**
To make the most out of this workshop, we encourage you to bring a personal item that you'd like to add appliqué to. This could be a favorite piece of clothing, a sweatshirt, a tote bag, or any other fabric item. Sloane will help you choose the perfect design and stitch it onto your chosen item by hand. This is a unique opportunity to upcycle and customize your own belongings, giving them a fresh new look that's truly one-of-a-kind.

By bringing your own item, you'll be able to:

* Transform an old or worn-out piece into something new and unique
* Create a personalized keepsake that reflects your personal style
* Learn the basics of hand-stitching and appliqué on your own fabric of choice

Artist Bio: Sloane Lenz is a designer and musician based in Austin, Texas, specializing in embroidery and avant garde stage wear. Sewing since she was 9 years old, she’s had her work compared to that of Alexander McQueen and Betsey Johnson, as well as Andy Warhol in her use of pop culture references and absurdist aesthetic choices. After touring around the U.S. presenting runway shows at various fashion weeks and museums over the last 9 years, as well as presenting a sustainably crafted collection at Harvard University when she was 22, she now works mostly by custom order in her down time when she’s not on the road touring with her band.

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