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June 22 | Intro to Embroidery with Sloane Lenz

June 22 | Intro to Embroidery with Sloane Lenz

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Join us at Shop Slow with Sloane Lenz & learn the basics of Embroidery!

When: June 22 | 3-6pm
South Lamar Austin, Texas

While all are encouraged to participate, this is a beginner class

Join our talented designer, Sloane Lenz, as she guides you through the essentials of embroidery, from threading a needle to transferring patterns onto fabric with carbon tracing paper. Discover the magic of stitching with techniques like the split stitch and other basic embroidery stitches.

Together, we'll add some serious style to your stitching game with a custom-designed patch or motif by the one and only Felix Lenz. Whether you're a total beginner or an experienced crafter looking to up your embroidery skills, this workshop is the place to be. Let your creativity flow and your stitches shine!

Artist Bio: Sloane Lenz is a designer and musician based in Austin, Texas, specializing in embroidery and avant garde stage wear. Sewing since she was 9 years old, she’s had her work compared to that of Alexander McQueen and Betsey Johnson, as well as Andy Warhol in her use of pop culture references and absurdist aesthetic choices. After touring around the U.S. presenting runway shows at various fashion weeks and museums over the last 9 years, as well as presenting a sustainably crafted collection at Harvard University when she was 22, she now works mostly by custom order in her down time when she’s not on the road touring with her band.

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