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All our designers use up-cycled materials to construct new garments!

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Psychic Outlaw

In 2019, Psychic Outlaw was born out of creator/owner Rebecca Wright's life long obsession with buying and creating unique clothing. Homed in Austin, Texas, all of our clothing is earth-friendly, made using 100% rescued vintage textiles. Each piece we create captures the beauty of the original textile and repurposes it into something wearable that can be celebrated by all.

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Mikaela Friedman

Mikaela Friedman is a multidisciplinary artist based in Austin, Texas. She’s known for her use of vibrant colors & hand-painted cowboy boots, famously worn by Texas psychedelic band Khruangbin. Mikaela’s passion for slow fashion inspired her to create a business that made sustainability the cornerstone of her work. In her spare time, Mikaela organizes pop-ups for small businesses through Mutiny Market & facilitates slow fashion shows through Slow Fashion Festival. When the weather is nice, you can find Mikaela outside, swimming or hiking with her pup, Cucumber! 

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Maya Meyer

Maya Meyer creates a passage into sustainable shopping by using all vintage, antique, and pre-existing fabrics.

Breaking free from the cycle of wasting fabrics, and into an ethos of making the old new again.

My hands make 50% of orders, while the remaining 50% is made at a carefully selected workshop in Mexico by a seamstress named Sandra. Creating an ode to the earth, where sustainability and efficiency intertwine.

Shifting the focus from the transient to the eternal with designs that withstand the ravages of time.

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1.Customland is owned by 2 bffs in hollywood. Geeg (they/them) does sewing and embroidery and Halsey (she/her) does airbrush/ etc. They met on instagram and decided to join forces to build a community together and share their work with the world with sustainability and personale style always being #1 

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The Prairie Misfit

Handmade in OK

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A.V. Beamon

AV Beamon is an Austin based clothing designer and chainstitcher.

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This is Sloane

Sloane Lenz is a designer and musician based in Austin, Texas, specializing in embroidery and avant garde stage wear. Sewing since she was 9 years old, she’s had her work compared to that of Alexander McQueen and Betsey Johnson, as well as Andy Warhol in her use of pop culture references and absurdist aesthetic choices. After touring around the U.S. presenting runway shows at various fashion weeks and museums over the last 9 years, as well as presenting a sustainably crafted collection at Harvard University when she was 22, she now works mostly by custom order in her down time when she’s not on the road touring with her band. 

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Electric Honey

Even though for many Electric Honey is still a “new brand”. This 5 year fashion veteran team led by Jimmy Gallo is quickly becoming the most well known “unknown” indie fashion label in Austin. They operate one of the biggest fashion ateliers in the city and source their upcycled fabrics both globally and locally. Their craftsmanship and unique fabric choices make each design very special. But, beyond the great fabrication and high quality materials, this brand’s pièce de résistance is how well they translate Austin’s eclectic style into garments

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Picnic Wear

Picnicwear is a slow fashion brand, ethically made by hand from vintage and deadstock materials - most notably, vintage towels! Founder, Dani, has worked in the industry as a fashion designer for over 10 years, but started Picnicwear in response to her dissatisfaction with the industry's shortcomings. Picnicwear recently moved to rural North Carolina where all their clothing and accessories are now designed and cut, but the majority of their sewing is done by skilled garment workers in NYC. Picnicwear is proud to pay over NYC minimum wage for the skilled labour of their sewists! Picnicwear offers minimal waste and maximum authenticity: Future Vintage over future garbage!

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ID by Deepika

Deepika is a Parsons graduate in Fashion Design. Repurposing and reusing things in everyday life has always been a crucial part of her life growing up in India.

ID by Deepika is a one person business based in Connecticut, each piece is made by her with attention to detail. Her speciality is creating minimal waste self drafted patterns that fits few size ranges. 

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